Aperta la call for abstract per la European Conference for Social Work Research 2025

Aperta la call for abstract per la European Conference for Social Work Research 2025

Call for abstracts

The main theme of the 14th European Conference for Social Work Research is “Embracing Democracy in Social Work Practice and Research” Researchers, scholars, practitioners, and students are invited to submit abstracts for the below proposal types. Abstract submission deadline is 23. September 2024.


The following guidelines for all kinds of presentation are advisory. If you think there are good reasons to amend them, please feel free to do so.

If your abstract is for a presentation based on one or more empirical research projects, it should include the following:

  • Background and purpose: description of the problem, study objectives, research question(s) and/or hypotheses;
  • Methods: study design, including a description of participants and selection strategies, data collection procedures, measures, and approaches to analysis;
  • Findings: specific results in summary form;
  • Conclusions and implications: description of the main outcome(s) of the study and implications for practice, policy, or further research.

If your abstract is for a presentation which is not based on primary empirical research, it should include the following:

  • Background and purpose of the presentation;
  • A summary of the main points of the presentation;
  • How the presentation will address one or more of the conference’s aims and themes;
  • Conclusions from and implications of your presentation for practice, policy, or further research.
Submission Instructions

All abstracts must be relevant to the central conference theme and subthemes. Preference will be given to abstracts that are strongly linked to the conference theme and subthemes, so we encourage authors to show this explicitly. Authors are also asked to mention one or two theoretical or empirical references that inform or inspire the abstract. In addition, we actively welcome proposals for symposia and/or workshops by the Special Interest Groups.

Please note that authors may submit a maximum of three abstracts as follows: one abstract of which they are the main author and two abstracts of which they are a co-author.

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by an international panel. Decisions will be notified by 18. November 2024 to the e-mail address provided by the authors when registering.


  1. Challenges and opportunities for social work research, practice, policy or education in contemporary contexts
  2. Social work research, policy, practice or education across national, social, cultural, disciplinary and professional boundaries
  3. Exploring the impact and effectiveness of social work practice
  4. Social work history and identity as a profession and discipline
  5. Theorizing social work and/or social work research
  6. Connecting social work research and practice, including the co-creation of knowledge
  7. Methodological development, innovation and capacity building in social work research
  8. Management and Leadership in Social Work as means for change and cohesion
  9. Arts for Change and Social Justice: Integrating art-based Practice in Social Work

For more information about the conference and the submission process please visit the ECSWR 2025 website https://www.ecswr2025.org please share with your friends and colleagues.